The concept behind the BeepBeep Nation app is about one user helping another.

In some cases, the helper is simply doing the requestor a favor which will not take up too much of his time or effort, as he is in the process of doing something which will also help the requestor.


As an example, someone intending to use the freeway may need another person to sit in his car to meet the condition of a minimum of 2 people to get onto the left lane of the freeway. By picking up the requestor who is near him and going the same route, he can now get onto the freeway, while the requestor gets a free ride. It’s win-win for both parties.


The same applies to unused couches or rooms in a home which enables budget travelers to sleep for a night or two, since it costs the owner practically nothing to help the requestor (the traveler). Not only that, the owner will be making new friends and contacts from all over the world.


In fact, BeepBeep Nation can be used to request or provide any help at all. Simply use it responsibly and help other users when you can - and pretty soon the world will be a much better place.

If the requestor feels he should in some way compensate the helper for the help provided, he has the option of giving the helper a Gratitude Tip. This is from the requestor’s own free will - it is not a requirement that he must provide it.


Likewise, the helper is not compelled to accept a Gratitude Tip if it is offered, as he may feel he isn’t going out of his way to provide that help.

The main objective of the BeepBeep Nation app is to make the world a better place. Helping people in need whether as a requestor (with a Gratitude Tip) or a helper (helping the requestor in need) is one of the things we can all do, whenever we can, and wherever we may be.

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