3. Beepie


If you’re meeting up in person, and before any help or favor is provided, either the requestor or the helper can ask that a beepie (a selfie of the 2 of you or more together) be taken on the spot. Simply look for the camera icon on your screen to initiate this step.


Once a beepie is taken, it can immediately be uploaded to both the requestor and the helper’s profiles. This beepie will then be shown to anyone who clicks on either profile, and can be a useful indicator for BeepBeep Nation users to decide whether to respond to a requestor, or accept a helper’s offer to help.


If your request to take a beepie with the other party is turned down, you may wish to NOT proceed with your request or help the requestor. Your safety is paramount - so always make the decision to be as safe as possible.

4. Chat


Click on the chat icon to talk to the responder. You can only do this after you've accepted the offer to help. If your conversation with him or her isn't going the right way, simply cancel your help request.

1. Profile Photo


Only accept help offers from people with proper profile photos that clearly show their faces. Genuine helpers have no reason to hide how they look like since you have to meet up in person for many of the type of help required, and you wouldn’t be able to recognise him or her if you don’t know how he or she looks like.


Helpers in turn can do the same by checking requestors' profile photos.

2. Beep Rank


This is the green bar below each profile photo. It shows a score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. The green bar will be the narrowest with a score of 1, and the widest with a score of 10.


Both the requestor for help and the helper can rate each other after help is provided, with comments. This includes whether the requestor or helper actually look like their profile photos, whether they are pleasant to deal with before, during or after help is rendered, and more.


Beep Rank then takes into account the ratings and other important factors to come to a score. This score is then reflected in the green bar’s width.


You’ll want to look for users with a wide green bar. However, it will take time and effort for each user to achieve a high score, so the wider the green below a user’s profile photo, the more people he or she has helped over time.

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BeepBeep Nation is a helping app that encourages its users to interact with each other in person.


As such, it’s very important to be safe when using it. The following are some ways to help you achieve this goal.

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